curated, classic wines from certified organic vineyards

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wine is farmed

organic strawberries taste better, right?

organic grapes taste better, too, and make better wine.

while most natural wine is optimistically vague about organic or biodynamic, we source exclusively from third party certified farmers, so you get the real deal every time.

taste for yourself

grapes don't wash

grapes get picked and crushed, no washing?!

everything on vineyard fruit is in your wine, from nasty chemical residues to harmless harvest day dust.

conventionally farmed wines contain measurable quantities of poisonous agrichemicals--trulyorganic wines don't.*

*wait, Really?

natural and good

natural wine should be like good fruit: certified organic, accessible, and delicious without pretension or funk.

good natural wines showcase the best grapes vineyards can grow and the clean, lively, classic wines they become.

good is also how it gets to you. every shipment plants a tree and comes in recyclable packaging.

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How good is good?

"I look forward to the specialty wines every month sharing quality product with my friends and family.  a pleasure to open new wines from around the world  at very reasonable prices.  excellent service and delivery”.

-Deb Kelley, Shoreham, VT

"my good friend Liz turned me onto good juice club in may of 2020 and it literally saved my sanity during the pandemic and continues to be such an amazing treat every month. the wines are incredibly unique and special. I’ve loved a couple orders so much I’ve reordered and have considered ordering a third time. Andrew is a wine genius in my humble opinion and if I ever open my own hotel, which is what I do for other people, I will beg him to create my wine list."

-Lisa Reile, Austin, TX

"The good juice club delivers welcome and delicious surprises each month -- and gives back to the planet. we love it!"

-Julia Flynn Siler, Ross, CA

Meet andrew

I love good juice and run the show here, start to finish. questions? thoughts? I'll get back to you personally, just drop me a line.

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feel good guarantee

I'm committed to your happiness. every bottle comes with my feel good guarantee-if it's not right, I'll gladly send you another bottle or refund you.

Third party certified

good juice comes exclusively from third-party certified organic or biodynamic vineyards, so you get the real deal every time.

delivery always included

delivery to your home or office is included with every membership and purchase.

we plant trees

good juice club plants a tree for every shipment in fire ravaged regions of northern california with the arbor day foundation.