One might say modern biodynamics are one step beyond organic. In addition to farming without chemicals, biodynamic farmers actively promote healthy microbiological ecosystems in their vineyards through a series of preparations (numbered 500-507) that provide habitat for beneficial species to thrive and improve soil quality, and work in harmony with celestial bodies whose movements influence plant, animal, and microbial activity.

Independent accreditors ensure certified biodynamic farmers follow the principles laid out in their by-laws, which don't allow the use of any synthetic chemicals or fertilizers.

In Authentic Wine, Jamie Goode catalogues that organic farmers don't notice a significant difference in their crop upon adopting biodynamic principles, which is consistent with my own surveys of experienced farmers in the field.  That said, the philosophy of thinking of one's vineyard as a diverse pre-industrial ecosystem to be nurtured appeals to them, and biodynamics connects them to a community of like-minded growers with whom they can share experience and resources--not to mention great wine.

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