Organic farming is the baseline for living soils and world-class agriculture.  No poisons like pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or destabilizing chemical fertilizers to cultivate balanced, living, healthy soil, to grow happy, healthy plants, harvest delicious, healthy produce. It’s the same in the vineyard as the field or garden or orchard, but even more important, as conventional grapes are some of the contaminated produce out there and don't get washed before you consume them.

Independent, government approved third party accreditors ensure certified organic farmers represent organic as laid out in international and local law.

Illogically, and unlike certified organic wine in Europe, American wine can only be certified organic without the addition of sulfites, even if the grapes are certified.  This obtuse, corrupted legislation makes clear labeling for good farmers difficult; mass produced, low-quality but clearly labeled American "organic wine" muddled a generation's perception of organic wine with poor winemaking and health food even as Chez Panisse brought farm-to-table eating to the forefront of pop-culture.  That is changing, one experience at a time.  In the meantime, American good juice always comes from certified organic vineyards, though you probably won't see it on the label.

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