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Frequently Asked Questions

you will receive an email with a tracking number from when your wine has left the warehouse. if you haven't but think you should have, just shoot me a message and I'll get it sorted out for you.

not in moderation. sulfites (SO2) are a natural by-product of primary fermentation, so all wine contains some; most wine contains added SO2 as well, though amounts can vary widely. added SO2 suppresses microbial activity (volatile acidity, brettanomyces) and minimizes the effects of oxidation.

good juice has enough SO2 to keep it clean, but never so much you can smell it. there's often an excess of it and other food-grade winery additives in mass-produced wine to compensate for poor fruit quality, along with measurable quantities of toxic vineyard chemicals.

think sulfites in wine might be giving you a headache? you could suffer from a rare sulfite allergy, but if you feel fine drinking processed fruit juice or dried fruit, sulfites probably aren't the issue. the problem might be the way that wine was farmed. grapes don't wash before fermentation, and drinking pesticide residues can give you nasty headaches.

learn more about SO2 and pesticides in wine

I taste every good juice selection and confirm its farming practices with third party certifiers to ensure each bottle our members receive meets the highest standards of quality and feels classic, balanced, clean, and delicious.

you can trust each bottle of your good juice with my feel good guarantee: it should be wonderful, and if it's not right, shoot me a message so I can replace your bottle or refund the difference.

you can change your delivery dates, skip a delivery, pause or cancel your membership, and change your address or payment information at any time directly by signing into your account or through the 'manage your membership' link in your welcome email or most recent shipment notification.

or if you prefer, shoot me a message and I'll take care of you.

yes. pause or cancel your membership, skip a delivery, change your delivery dates, and change your address or payment information at any time directly by signing into your account or through via the 'manage your membership' link in your welcome message or most recent shipment notification email.

if you're having trouble, don't hesitate to contact me.

you can see your reward options by clicking the "happy member points" bubble on your screen and selecting the "rewards" tab. simply select the reward you want to redeem, copy the code, and paste it in the coupon box at checkout.

descriptions and short videos about good juice selections are searchable on the blog, get posted @goodjuiceclub on instagram, facebook, and youtube.

to find tasting notes for a particular bottle, just type the producer or bottle name in the search bar at the top left of this page and click the link to the blog post.

every bottle of good juice comes exclusively from vineyards certified organic or biodynamic by a recognized and responsible third party organization, like CCOF, USDA, AB, EcoCert, Demeter or Biodyvin.

Good juice comes from certified organic and certified biodynamic vineyards. While good juice can grow anywhere in the world, Europe has about eighty five percent of the world's certified organic vineyards, so there's lots of delicious good juice to choose from there and it's most often where I get it.

our club is priced at $172/six bottles, or about $28.66/bottle because a decade in the natural wine business taught me that's where value lives.

we can drink world-class wine without breaking the bank if we know how to choose. I look forward to sharing my favorite juice with you.

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yes. good juice comes from certified organic and biodynamic vineyards, and healthy, carefully farmed fruit needs little intervention in the winery.

the conversation about natural wine often jumps straight to sulfites. when grapes are farmed well, a little goes a long way.

read more about natural wine here

We plant a native tree in responsible reforesting operations for every bottle we deliver through Ecologi.

Learn more about Ecologi here

Visualize our impact with Ecologi here

Up until we upgraded to plant a tree for every bottle in Spring 2022 (six times as many as before), we planted a tree for every delivery with the Arbor Day Foundation in northern California forests damaged by wildfires and got 697 saplings in the ground.

whatever feels right--yes, even red with fish if you're in the mood (like light mediterranean juice with cioppino, yum). I recommend opening the bottle you want to drink before cooking, and making small adjustments to your dish to match and please.

there's no right or wrong, follow your gut given the situation. I generally like both my white and red wines around "cellar temperature" (cool, around 60 degrees or so--twenty minutes in the fridge will usually do it) when I bring them to the table and let them come to room temperature as I enjoy them.

I find decanting often gives both young whites and reds an opportunity to develop and open more fully, especially if you're going to consume them within an hour or two of opening them. You can use a clean jar or milk jug, but there's nothing quite like a great decanter.

members-only pricing on the perfect decanter

it's hard to go wrong with glassware. sometimes a sturdy bistro glass is exactly what the moment requires, but, there's something to be said for delicate stems with fine lips.

members-only pricing on my favorite stem

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feel good guarantee

if your bottle's not right, I'll send another or refund you.

certified organic or biodynamic

delivery always included

delivery to your home or office included with every order.