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Let's order some wine for you.  Here's how it works:
  • Menu selections are listed at standard retail markup.
  • Clients get menu selections at wholesale cost.
  • Orders are sourced and forwarded to clients weekly.

Want all the nitty gritty?  See FAQ below.


Frequently asked questions

Custom wholesale cost procurement, expert guidance, and world-class selections? All true.

There's no catch. I charge the same service fees to every client, whether they buy one wholesale case or ten, as inexpensively or fancily as they like: an eight percent operating cost fee, split case fees as charged by the distributor, and the pass-through delivery fee to get your order to you.

No minimums, no surprises, just great service.

Clients get 33% off every bottle on the menu.

Menu prices are standard retail 1.5x markup over wholesale, comparable to prices elsewhere. Take 33% off the menu price, and we're back to wholesale. Add the costs of doing business and we're at wholesale cost.

Wholesale cost is transparently set at wholesale plus eight percent to cover operating costs like credit card processing and web processor fees. Distributor split case fees (never more than $2/bottle) are pass-through, exactly what they cost.

I provide my clients with curated wine sourcing services, which includes procuring wine at wholesale cost. Wholesale cost is transparently set at wholesale plus eight percent to cover the costs of doing business like credit card processing and web processor fees, transaction fees, etc.

Add-on costs like distributor split case fees (never more than $2/bottle) and delivery charges are pass-through, exactly what they cost.

Good Juice Club's intuitive sourcing services are set up to look and feel indistinguishable from online retail: clients place orders by adding items to their carts and checking out.

Weekly order cutoff is 8am PST Mondays. Orders received before then are sourced, packed, and on their way to our clients before the weekend.

Once clients place orders and authorize payment, we go about securing the order. Payment is only captured once I've confirmed the order with suppliers.

I recommend clients place orders before noon PST Fridays in the rare case of an unexpected inventory shortage or price change. If an order cannot be fulfilled as requested, clients receive a notification, at which point they can proceed without the inventory in question and receive an immediate confirmation, or adjust their order as desired and resubmit for confirmation.

To keep delivery costs as low as possible, I highly recommend customers requesting home or office deliveries to purchase twelve bottles at a time. Current 12-bottle packaging and delivery costs range from $3 to $4.45 per bottle depending on location.

States where we do not deliver include:  AL, AR, DE, IA, IL, KY, MS, MI, RI, SD, UT.

Someone 21+ must sign for your delivery. If you can't be sure someone will be there when it arrives, arranging to pick your package up from the local office of your last mile provider or a friendly local business is always a good choice.  Generally, there are three delivery attempts before packages are returned to sender, but delivery drivers have busy schedules, so don’t count on all three. You can always find your tracking number in the email you’ll receive when your package goes out.

If you have further questions or you're having trouble, please don't hesitate to reach out to me