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Centopassi Perricone 'Cimento di Perricone" 2020

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Centopassi (certified organic)

Italy / Sicily / Sicilia DOC

Red of Perricone

"‘Cimento di Perricone’ is 100% Perricone from the Don Tomasi vineyard, planted near San Cipirello. Soil is impermeable clay with sand, alkaline, poor in limestone and organic material. The Perricone variety comes from north-western Sicily, where it was once planted widely; now it is relatively rare because it is hard to manage, but it can express the beauty of this soil like few others grapes. The wine is deep purple in color, distinctive in aroma and flavor (berries, a hint of rose-petal), and shows striking earthy minerality." -Oliver McCrum

Oliver McCrum


Photo Credit: Centopassi