Delphine Boulard Les Murgiers NV

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Delphine Boulard (certified organic practicing biodynamic)

France / Champagne / Vallee la Marne

White Bubbles of Pinot Meunier

One 750ml bottle (12 bottles make a full case)

"This wine is the Boulard's entry level Champagne. It comes from six small parcels of Pinot Meunier spread through the Vallée de la Marne. They are the Boulard family's orginial historic land. “Les Murgiers” are the local, traditional vineyard walls built from river stones dug up to make way for planting (and alternatively spelled murgets, murgers, meurgers or meurgiers)." -Louis/Dressner

Distrubuted by Farm Wine

Photo Credit: Louis/Dressner