Domaine de la Calmette Ivres D'Amour 2018

Domaine de la Calmette Ivres D'Amour 2018

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Domaine de la Calmette (certified biodynamic)

France / Sud-Ouest / Vin de France

Red of Malbec

"These new Cahors, especially Maya’s and Nicolas’, are softly and beautifully infused reds with the spine of powerfully mineral white wines. They are contemporary, energetic, saline, stony, vibrant. They are VERY exciting. Then, on the siderolithic terroirs, the iron-rich clay, with its signature umami and blood, takes it to a whole other level of complexity. These are Grands Vins. And there is even something more going on at Calmette, similar to what we’ve seen at Chantereves. Can’t yet fully put a finger on it, but when two lovers with great intelligence and talent, and with impeccable credentials and taste make wine together —in unison— there is a subtle yet very compelling additional layer in their wines. Could we be tasting the energy of togetherness? Of the unity of feminine and masculine? Could it be that when the lights of the cellar are turned off, wines made only by One, longingly recite Verlaine’s My Familiar Dream?" -Becky Wasserman


Photo Credit: Domaine de la Calmette