Domaine de la Calmette Nyctalope 2020

Domaine de la Calmette Nyctalope 2020

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Domaine de la Calmette (certified biodynamic)

France / Sud-Ouest / Cahors

Red Bubbles of Malbec

"Nyctalope is back! Still based on Malbec, cuvée 20 comes from direct pressing and maceration for several days. It is a joyful bubble, with a very light tannin. The yeasts, this year, decided not to completely finish the fermentation. A barely perceptible sweetness softens the finish and makes you want to have more. To be served chilled. Ideal as an aperitif or with a generous Sunday dish." -Domaine de la Calmette


Photo Credit: Domaine de la Calmette