Domaine de la Louvetrie Amphibolite 2021

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Domaine de la Louvetrie (certified organic certified biodynamic)

France / Loire / Muscadet Sevre et Maine

White of Melon de Bourgogne

One 750ml bottle (12 bottles make a full case)

"This cuvée derives its name from Amphibolite, the greenish bedrock that was formed locally when the oceans receded in the very distant past. Produced from vines aged 23-40 years old, this unique parcel covers 7.5 hectares. This cuvée is never chaptalised, and only minor doses of sulfites are used before its early bottling in February to preserve all the freshness we seek in Muscadet. Intended to be consumed over the first summer, this wine is extremely fresh and loaded with minerals. Citrus and saline at the same time, it will marry well with all things that come out of the sea." -Beaune Imports

Distrubuted by Beaune Imports

Photo Credit: Beaune Imports