Dominique Cornin Serreuxdieres 2020

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Dominique Cornin (certified organic practicing biodynamic)

France / Burgundy / Macon-Chaintre

White of Chardonnay

One 750ml bottle (12 bottles make a full case)

“Created from one plot “Les Serreudières” le Mâcon-Chaintré has its feet in clay and its shoulders facing east. Defining Mâcon-Chaintré? It’s a wine of indulgence… upfront, authentic and generous to a tee. If a wine could be made in the image of its winemaker, the Mâcon-Chaintré is his best illustration. Relish in its vast palate of exotic fruit and citrus aromas. Don’t worry about finding its perfect culinary match… whatever you choose, this loyal companion will never let your taste buds down and will be a perfect guest at any event!” -Cornin

Distrubuted by Martines Wines

Photo Credit: Martines Wines