Eric Texier Rouge Le Clau Magnum 2020

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Eric Texier (certified organic)

France / Rhone / Cotes du Rhone

Red of Syrah

One 1500ml bottle (6 bottles make a full case)

"This unique wine comes from a handful of rows. Planted in the 1930’s in the lieu-dit Le Clau, they are a very particular strain of Serine. They present unique ampelographic qualities, very different from the Serines we find in Brézème or other Northern vineyards, notably very low alcoholic degrees when in full maturity. All replacements here have been done through marcottage, without the introduction of any clones. We are still not sure of their exact nature, and certain ampelography experts believe it may not even be Syrah. It may actually be Bravade or Exbravat.” -Louis/Dressner

Distrubuted by Farm Wine

Photo Credit: Louis/Dressner