Famille Chasselay Fleurie III 2020

Famille Chasselay Fleurie III 2020

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Famille Chasselay (certified organic)

France / Beaujolais / Fleurie

Red of Gamay

"In this cuvée are grouped plots of vines from 3 climates: "La Levratière", "La Chapelle des Bois" and another climate "- - - - - - - - -" whose name should not be pronounced because otherwise the association that protects the gold bars of winegrowers who make sparkling wine a little higher up in the North East will see there a fraudulent commercial use between our appellation of Fleurie, Beaujolais cru from Gamay and their wine sparkling, which by the way, are two appellations born in 1936!!! With the difference that the Beaujolais did not have the absurd idea of ​​protecting these so-called cadastral places, dating them from the 18th century... Not everyone has the same priorities and the same battles in life. This does not change our pleasure in working these magnificent plots of Fleurie and producing wines with passion. The plots are plowed by Yago, a handsome Ardennais, throughout Fleurie. The juices are fresh and delicate thanks to the granite soil." -Famille Chasselay



Photo Credit: Martine's