Foradori Morei 2021

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Foradori (certified organic certified biodynamic)

Italy / Trentino-Alto Adige / Vigneti del Dolomiti

Red of Teroldego

One 750ml bottle (6 bottles make a full case)

"The results obtained through years of biodynamic farming and observing stability in the vineyard emphasized the character of each plot of land and made us realize that we would need to undertake a separate vinification across two vineyards. Through the use of amphorae (Tinajas from Villarrobledo, Spain), with their particular shape and the porosity of the clay that they are made of, the winemaking process is undertaken with purity and balance. The process of turning grapes into wine is not effected by outside influences; the amphora acts as a shield, allowing the grapes to progress with only the character of the earth and grape variety as their guidance. Morei means ‘moro’ or ‘dark’ in the Trentino dialect and the grapes cultivated in this vineyard are a firm echo of this. Their roots rest among the pebbles and the sand in the earth carried by the Noce River, cultivating wines with a texture of minerality and density. Morei Teroldego resumes form and is reborn amplified and transformed." -Foradori

Distrubuted by Farm Wine

Photo Credit: Louis/Dressner