Hughes Godme Millésime Brut Grand Cru NV

Hughes Godme Millésime Brut Grand Cru NV

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Hughes Godme (certified organic)

France / Champagne / Montaigne de Reims

White Bubbles of Pinot Noir

"Hugues Godmé is one of those few independent grower-winemakers in Champagne (récoltant-manipulants) who utilizes the full range of available options when crafting his wines. As a strong believer in viticultural determinism, Hugues adheres to a strict organic and biodynamic regimen in his vineyards. He grows all three major varieties of grapes; and, moreover, produces single vintage, single varietal, blended and multi-vintage cuvées. His biodynamic approach, which includes plowing, cover cropping and homeopathic treatments, forces the roots deeper in a more mineral-rich environment, thereby generating soil-driven grapes that are at once riper with higher concentrations of sugar and acidity." -Veritas


Photo Credit: Hughes Godme