Jean-Claude Lapalu Eau Forte Magnum 2021

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Jean-Claude Lapalu (certified organic practicing biodynamic)

France / Beajolais / Brouilly

Red of Gamay

One 1500ml bottle (3 bottles make a full case)

"Lapalu’s Eau Forte was inspired by the idea of an easy drinking wine that is seemingly simple but has length and persists. “More than meets the tongue”, if you will. This isn’t easy to achieve as it is not made from the oldest vines, is often not produced in warmer/riper vintages, and you have to be very careful to minimize extraction. In general, cooler years help the terroir to better express itself. This is truly a surprising wine with sinewy elegance and a very long finish. Tasty stuff!" -Beaune Imports

Distrubuted by Beaune Imports

Photo Credit: Beaune Imports