Renardat-Fache L'Initial NV

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Renardat-Fache (certified organic)

France / Savoie / Bugey Cerdon

Rose Bubbles of Gamay

One 750ml bottle (12 bottles make a full case)

"In the mid 90's, Daniel Boulud mentioned to Joe Dressner that he wanted to use the Cerdon that famed French chef Alain Chapel poured at his restaurant. Determined to find it, Joe and Denyse went on the hunt. Feeling that calling the restaurant was too tacky and not having the ability to dine there, some dillegent research was done. The magic of the pre-internet, early 90's somehow led Joe and Denyse to an Australian restaurant in the Bugey called Le Boomerang. They didn't work with Renardat-Fâche but knew who they were and put us in touch. Their ostrich steak was pretty tasty!"

Distrubuted by Farm Wine

Photo Credit: Louis/Dressner