Skerk Venezia Giulia Malvazija 2019

Skerk Venezia Giulia Malvazija 2019

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Skerk (certified organic)

Italy / Friuli / Venezia Giulia IGP

White of Malvasia

"Making wine naturally requires great care in the vineyards and the winery and if there is one thing I have learned about 'natural' wine after attending the two 'natural' wine fairs every year in Italy in March, it is that there is a big difference between 'natural wine' made by great winemakers and 'natural wine' made by any Joe Smoe hoping to jump on the 'natural wine' band wagon. Sandi is one of the great winemakers making natural wine well; his wines show impressive clarity, balance, and depth on the palate." -Oliver McCrum

Oliver McCrum

Photo Credit: Oliver McCrum