Skerk Venezia Giulia Ograde 2019

Skerk Venezia Giulia Ograde 2019

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Skerk (certified organic)

Italy / Friuli / Venezia Giulia IGP

White of Vitovska

"Ograda is the term the farmers in the Karst used to indicate a small parcel, located near the village and the houses which were often fenced with typical limestone dry stone walls to prevent entry of domestic animals such as cows, sheep , goats or anything else that could cause damage to crops such as vines planted inside. Ograda is also the name of the wine cellar of Skerk where once was a vineyard of Vitovska. The idea is to bring together the best grapes from small parcels "Ograde" cultivated mainly to native varieties like Vitovska, Malvasia and Sauvignon, but also others." -Oliver McCrum

Oliver McCrum

Photo Credit: Oliver McCrum