Sylvain Pataille Chardonnay Rose  2019

Sylvain Pataille Chardonnay Rose 2019

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Sylvain Pataille (certified organic practicing biodynamic)

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France / Burgundy / Marsannay

White of Chardonnay Rose

"Chardonnay Rose is a genetic mutation of the Chardonnay grape specific to the village of Marsannay. Sylvain Pataille first noticed the mutation in 2002, when he acquired his Blangeys parcel, and found some surprisingly pink grapes at harvest. From 2002 until 2005, his Marsannay Blanc was 100% Chardonnay Rose from Blangeys, then he began to blend in Chardonnay from other parcels to complete the cuvée." -Becky Wasserman


Photo Credit: Becky Wasserman