Vignobles Verzier Authentic 2020

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Vignobles Verzier (certified organic)

France / Rhone / Condrieu

White of Viognier

One 750ml bottle (6 bottles make a full case)

“Verzier’s house just happens to be right above one of the prime white wine growing areas in the world. Just down the slope from his old syrah vines are the magnificent terraced vineyards of Condrieu, the appellation where the Viognier grape is ideally suited. Every other wine-making region in the world attempts to make good viognier, and a few are successful in the hands of only the most adept wine-makers. Nowhere else does this grape reach the heights that it does in Condrieu. This is classic Condrieu with the tell-tale nose of apricots, peaches and honeyed jasmine. On the palate, the wine is bright and fresh with crisp acidity. Great richness follows with a wine that is at the same time honeyed and viscous while possessing excellent balance.” -Beaune Imports

Distrubuted by Beaune Imports

Photo Credit: Beaune Imports