Wine Glass from The Jancis Robinson Collection by Richard Brendon
Wine Glass from The Jancis Robinson Collection by Richard Brendon
Wine Glass from The Jancis Robinson Collection by Richard Brendon
Wine Glass from The Jancis Robinson Collection by Richard Brendon

Wine Glass from The Jancis Robinson Collection by Richard Brendon

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The only stem you'll ever need.

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Sometimes, all you want is a good bistro glass or mason jar.  Maybe even a sippy cup.  But when you reach for stemware, really go for it. 

The wine stem is a specialized piece of equipment for maximizing your drinking pleasure.  Sure, you can have stems that look the part and they will be fine, but when you're revving your high-octane Good Juice around tight swirls and pushing it to the lips, you'll want a glass that will handle the horsepower and enhance your ride.  It's worth it.

The Jancis Robinson stem is my favorite.  Elegant and functional at the table with gloriously responsive handling, precision olfactory clarity, and a fine-as-Grace-Kelly lips, they're as good as it gets.  Unlike other brands I've enjoyed almost as much, one size fits all wines, and it's robust enough to go in the dishwasher.

Here's the lowdown from Richard:

FINEST CRYSTAL – The glasses are very light, perfectly balanced and of a quality that can only be achieved by mouth-blowing. The rim of the wine glass is particularly fine to minimize the amount of glass that comes between the wine and the palate, significantly enhancing the drinking experience.

MOUTH-BLOWN – The master craftspeople who meticulously hand-make each piece in the collection are some of the most skilled glass blowers in the world and their expertise is demonstrated in the refinement and technical perfection of each piece.

LEAD-FREE – The lead-free glass used to create the collection ensures that each piece is light, ultra-fine and durable against clouding.

PERFECT POUR – a 125ml pour comes to the widest point of the bowl, maximizing the release of the all-important aromas.

SIMPLICITY – Un-clutter cupboards, cabinets and shelves as every wine drinker can enjoy wine at its absolute best from one perfectly designed glass.

DISHWASHER SAFE – Everyday glasses require simple cleaning solutions, so the Wine Glass has been designed to fit any standard dishwasher and its sturdy stem minimizes the likelihood of breakages. Not only is the Jancis Robinson collection dishwasher safe, we actually recommend that you wash the wine and water glass in this way as they have been designed to fit easily into both domestic and commercial machines.

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