Young Wine Decanter from The Jancis Robinson Collection by Richard Brendon
Young Wine Decanter from The Jancis Robinson Collection by Richard Brendon
Young Wine Decanter from The Jancis Robinson Collection by Richard Brendon
Young Wine Decanter from The Jancis Robinson Collection by Richard Brendon

Young Wine Decanter from The Jancis Robinson Collection by Richard Brendon

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The pour feels so right.

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A good decanter is definitely a luxury, and one that I cherish.  While you can always use a clean milk jug or mason jar (as I have on many occasions, though their thick lips will drip), there's nothing quite like the elegance of a brilliant decanter like this one to bring your Good Juice to life.  The shapely crystal shines, the swirl feels great, the pour off its fine lips is Hollywood perfect.  It's my go-to for weeknight bottles and dinner parties.

Why a young wine decanter?

Generally speaking, Good Juice is current vintage, or the vintage vintners are selling right now, which don't tend to be particularly old.  Young wines (particularly well-grown and deeply flavored wines like ours) crave oxygen, which the large, sloshable bowl on this bad-boy gives them.  The oxygen helps hasten the wine's evolution, releasing flavors, opening aromatics, and softening crunchy edges faster than it would in the bottle.  The more surface area in contact with air, the more oxygen it gets, so this big bowl is ideal for experiencing everything your Good Juice has to offer before you finish the bottle.

Isn't decanting for old wine?  Not in this decanter.

Decanting old wine can also enhance the pleasure of drinking them, but in different ways.  Old wines have absorbed their fair share of oxygen: give them too much too quickly and they'll fall apart before you've had a chance to enjoy them.  Minimize exposure by minimizing the surface area exposed to air by choosing a tall, thin decanter.  Wait--minimize exposure to air?  Why are we doing this again?  Old wines have a tendency to accumulate sediment over the years.  Left in the bottom of the bottle, they can get stirred up as you pour and interfere with both mouthfeel and flavor of the bottle you've been saving.  If you carefully pour the old bottle into an appropriate decanter just until the sediment starts to appear in the neck, you'll be able to enjoy more of your special selection.  Holding a cell phone light up to the neck can be helpful.

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